Balmain residents turn up in record numbers to select Labor's candidate


Over ten percent of the electorate of Balmain has voted in the Community Preselection to select Labor’s candidate for next year’s state election. At the close of polls on Saturday, Verity Firth won the ballot with 65 per cent of the community vote and 53 per cent of the branch vote. 

“Congratulations to Verity Firth for winning the support of the Balmain community. She will be an outstanding candidate,” said NSW ALP General Secretary Jamie Clements.

“The record number of votes cast demonstrates Labor is in a strong position to defeat the Greens and claim back Balmain at next year’s State Election.”

Over 5600 people voted in the primary-style contest online, in person and by postal ballot.

“This unprecedented result has engaged the community and energised local branch members. Community preselections are changing the way the Labor Party engages with the Community, and they are responding."

“Labor will be in a stronger position at the March 2015 state election because we’ve invited local communities into the preselection process and worked hard to win their support,” said NSW ALP General Secretary Jamie Clements.

The next Labor Community Preselection will take place in Strathfield.