Amanda Fazio

Fazio200-268.jpgBorn in Sydney and having resided in Nowra and Taree, Amanda has been a resident of the inner western suburbs of Sydney for the last 30 years where she is raising her two children that attend public schools. She was educated at Taree Primary School, Cabramatta West Primary School, Cabramatta High School, the MLC School at Burwood and has undertaken tertiary studies in industrial relations.

Amanda worked for the ALP as Executive Officer from 1992 to 2000 and has been a member of the ALP since 1977. She has been active in all levels of the Party, particularly in respect to increasing the participation of women. Prior to working with the ALP, she was a senior bureaucrat in the Commonwealth Public Service working in the provision of services such as childcare, aged persons accommodation and disability services. Amanda has been active in local community organizations, especially concerning the employment of those with intellectual disabilities.

Amanda was elected to the Legislative Council on the 30th of August 2000 to fill a casual vacancy and was elected as Deputy President and Chair of Committees on the 30th of April 2003.

Within the Keneally Labor Government, Amanda was a member of six parliamentary committees. She has a particular interest in public policy with relation to companion animals, quarantine issues effecting agricultural industries, the preservation of industrial architecture, providing people with disabilities the opportunity to participate to their maximum at all levels of society and improving the provision of community services to rural areas.

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Member of the Legislative Council

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